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Website Design

Ledonia Consulting offers website design services

Purchasing a domain name from a domain registrar is one of the first tasks to setup your website. Next a provider to host the website is selected. If the domain registrar also hosts websites, you can select them as your website hosting provider. Ledonia assists you with these tasks as you begin the process of designing a new website, if necessary, and can setup email accounts once a hosting arrangement is finalized.

The various website design options available are considered to determine the best alternative for you, based on your requirements. How the website is expected to be used is important, especially if you plan to allow viewers to login to your website. Ease of future maintenance and update factor into the website design decision, especially if you intend to apply future content updates yourself. If appropriate, training on use of the administrative area for a new or updated system is provided to your business representative if you choose to include the capability to make content updates.

As content is applied to the web pages, we review it for probable keyword usage and make adjustments where necessary. Website development is an iterative process  and earlier decisions may be revisited to re-evaluate the customization of your website.

It is recommended that you refresh your website content and design on a regular basis to maintain viewer interest and search status. In addition, browser applications are continually being improved and may display your site differently than originally designed. Website maintenance includes website re-design.

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